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Head of Aleppo Antiquities, Mohammed Kogga, said many traditional houses in Aleppo, built during the Ottoman period, were affected by the European architecture like the famous Rose Villa at al-Aziziya district which was built according to the Baroque architecture style.
In this article, I discuss the two categories of in-depth analysis required when determining which multidomain MDM architecture style is best for an organisation.
When I think of something I want to live in, I lean towards that period architecture style, something a little more warm and woodsy and a little more homey.
Cochran argues that the distinctly western architecture style of Xiang's stores and its affiliates in China and Southeast Asia projected the image of advanced pharmaceutical products, while traditional banners and subtle building alterations affirmed the familiar in local culture.
University in Little Rock -- but there will be several differences in the architecture style, said Diane Lightfoot, a member of the owning family.
SEATTLE -- With the newly constructed and remodeled property market using Modernism as a theme or influence, it is important to define the influential architecture style from Mid-Century Classic Modern to the Contemporary Modern.
The designer can use known form from any architecture style in different shapes, but the designer must know the structure of shapes, especially when the designer used icon's shape from any architecture style, which reflects the identity of that place.
This show captures a rare glimpse of Havana's exotic side and includes the lively dancers of the famous nightclub Tropicana, a visit to author Ernest Hemingway's home and examples of the neo-baroque architecture style of the buildings.
They had to go through a literature review about the Saudi culture and the Najdi architecture style," he said.
When Robert and Julie Garvin purchased the renowned Philip Hiss Studio on Lido Shore's Westway Drive, they set out to decorate the beautifully preserved library with furnishings worthy of its classic Sarasota School of Architecture style.
The project's design reflects the Islamic architecture style, mainly Andalusian, Ottoman and Moroccan and makes it one of the most unique aesthetic and cultural sites in the capital.
It performs the government s policy on preserving Omani architecture style.
The Syrian Forgotten Cities were built according to one architecture style which was called by archeologists as the Syrian Architecture Art in order to distinguish it from the Greek and Roman Classical Architecture Art.
The pair behind the salvage bid, John Topping and Karen Bryson, say the multistorey and adjoining Gateshead Indoor Market at ground level is significant as one of the few remaining examples of the 'Brutalist' architecture style of the 1960s.
After the profusion of Baroque buildings that filled the city, the next glorious architecture style was the Art Nouveau that is evident almost anywhere you look.
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