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Predominant from 1850 to 1890, the National Folk Style architectural genre is identified by its graceful and simplistic make.
Not a formal architectural genre, vernacular architecture is a category under which fall houses that are built in a manner indigenous to a particular region.
Instead of an extensive field study, the new method simply entailed familiarizing one's self with architectural genres, which would be necessary in a traditional procedure anyway, extracting data from the Michigan Rural Property Inventory cards, and applying this information to determine the most probable format and subtype of a structure.
SEATTLE -- That 50s style "rambler" is hot property these days to many people in the Pacific Northwest who are interested in living a Modern lifestyle and are searching for a home with open interior spaces, sleek lines, and natural light that defines the architectural genre.
Corporate buildings are usually associated with Modernist or High-Tech architectural genres because form must convey seamless corporate success.
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