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Synonyms for FTP

protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

use the file transfer protocol to transfer data from one computer to another

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Archie was found walking the streets and was handed to South Wales Police who delivered him back home.
Seeing at first-hand the incredible work of the staff at the hospital and to thank them for everything they did for Archie, mum and dad Helen and Steve, plus their family, friends and colleagues set up "Archie's Army" in his memory, to raise money for the hospital's PS4 million Children's Cancer Centre Appeal.
She left two small children, Archie and his sister Ava who were three-and-a-half and one-anda-half years old at the time.
That story line shows Riverdale and the Archie characters under attack by zombies.
Goldwater added that the older Archie will not magically be reborn as he isn't a superhero,he's a human being and bullets don't bounce off his chest.
Luf's and Archie were simply the best on the day with Youngsters too far behind on 2,102 in a tie with The Replacement 2.
Initially Archie gets involved in the investigation into the murder of a DEA agent who had been running a deep cover operation involving dirty cops and a major drug distribution organization headed by Jack Reynolds, a notorious local crime kingpin in Oregon.
The op came after Archie had a procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) which "rewired" the nerves in his spine.
The teams at Archie Comics and iVerse are pioneers when it comes to digital distribution of some of the most beloved comics ever created," said Steve Wadsworth, President and CEO, Tapjoy.
Matilda She will never Archie but I he is with her Matilda, who was born at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, on March 29 weighing 7lbs 8oz, was originally due to be born on April 7, but Archie's death prompted Lauren to have an induced labour so she would not miss her son's funeral.
Archie told David how he raised the money which also included a sponsored run.
Their rift took a twist when Archie found out divorced Malcolm had helped Lesley set up the business by providing cash and advice.
Mr Archie then says that the mother has the choice to stay at home, but a Muslim woman doesn't.
But Kirsty and Dave Brook have revealed that their son, Archie, could be helped by another high technology device.
Summary: "Carrot top" Archie Andrews, the vivacious Riverdale teenager, is busy these days brushing up his Hindi.