Peloponnesian War

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a war in which Athens and its allies were defeated by the league centered on Sparta

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36) Thucydides too describes the fortification of Decelea as one of the prime causes of Athenian ruin, in stark contrast to the invasions of the Archidamian War.
Next, the main events of the Archidamian War are described.
The chapters that assert this thesis most directly are devoted to the change of 508/507, to the strategy of the Archidamian War, and to the speech of Demosthenes, Against Meidias, in which the orator posed as a well-behaved citizen attacked by a man of overweening power.
the consensus now seems to favour the Archidamian War.
The speech was delivered at the public funeral held for Athenian casualties in the first year of the Archidamian War.