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United States poet (1892-1982)


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Caption: Archibald MacLeish, poet, librarian of Congress, and one of Franklin Roosevelt's first propaganda chiefs, wrote the words the president delivers here on January 1, 1942.
In The Proceedings of the Archibald MacLeish Symposium, May, 1982, edited by Bernard A.
Kennedy Library (for those to his mother, father, in-laws, and certain friends), Yale (for Ezra Pound), the Library of Congress (for Archibald MacLeish and Owen Wister), and Colby College (for Waldo Peirce), to name just a few.
In his most famous poem, "Ars Poetica" (1926), the first Nieman curator, Archibald MacLeish, wrote, "A poem should not mean/But be" Substitute the phrase "Nieman Fellowship" for "poem" and you get a sense of the protean nature of the program, of the vigor and restlessness simmering within the journalists it brings to Harvard each year, ready to hit that rarified ground running, defined as much by the motion itself as by the destination.
When he returned home to Woodstock, he found a letter, an invitation, waiting for him from the poet Archibald MacLeish.
Justin Hart marshals a fascinating cast of characters Archibald MacLeish, Robert Sherwood, and William "Wild Bill" Donovan, to name a few--to tell the story of American wartime propaganda.
Bolano relates these influences through a series of dream journeys, in which he meets such writers as Vallejo, Borges, Boethius, Baudelaire, Sir James Barrie, Manuel Puig, Stendhal, Gabriela Mistral, Nicanor Parra, Walt Whitman, Archibald MacLeish, Carson McCullers, Ana'is Nin, and Philip K.
Examples of poems by Hugh MacDiarmid and Archibald MacLeish reveal two ways that the heretofore "low" form of broadside fixes material interest to poems that may not do much in their traditionally printed form to "exploit the white space of the page.
Entre las obras producidas en esa sala se pueden mencionar: JB de Archibald MacLeish, La zapatera prodigiosa de Federico Garcia Lorca y Las brujas de Salem de Arthur Miller.
El poeta Archibald MacLeish, amigo personal de Gallegos, encabezo la delegacion oficial estadounidense.
Or as Archibald MacLeish said in Ars Poetica: A poem should not mean / But be.
AoShortcut to HappinessAo, is based on the short story AoThe Devil and Daniel WebsterAo by Stephen Vincent Benet and the play AoScratchAo by Archibald MacLeish.
With one voice, the liberal establishment--Eleanor Roosevelt; former undersecretary of state, Sumner Welles; Archibald MacLeish, poet-laureate of the New Deal; and liberal attack-dogs Drew Pearson and Edward R.
John Gogarty, Archibald MacLeish, Harriet Monroe, and Ezra Pound; publishers Henry Regnery and Max Schuster; social activists Jane Addams and Eleanor Roosevelt; clerics Bishop Bernard J.
An American Literature scholar, she was instrumental in the founding of the Archibald MacLeish collection at GCC and the subsequent formation of the Friends of the MacLeish Collection, for which she served on the Executive Committee until her death.