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one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

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Not incidentally, Home Depot noticed that archfoe Lowe's had recently signed on fashion leader Alexander Julian to develop a collection of window treatments, wall coverings and floor coverings.
How could Sharon perceive otherwise, given the Likudnik sympathies of Bush's national security and Pentagon staff, the near-unanimous Congressional backing for Israel's hard-line policies, the influential neocon and Christian right publicity offensive against pressuring Sharon and the sight of US legislators entertaining the archfoe of any negotiations with the Palestinians, Benjamin Netanyahu?
Judge James Witherell, Woodward's archfoe, outlasted the latter, serving from 1806 to 1828.
Windthorst had been Bismarck's archfoe and had worked energetically to oppose the Kulturkampf.
The Catholic Church in Oregon had been against the distribution of condoms in schools and was an archfoe of abortion, both liberally popular issues.
The Qatar dispute began on June 5 when Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and later Yemen and the Maldives, severed diplomatic and transport ties with Doha, accusing it of supporting Islamist militants and their archfoe Iran -- charges Qatar says are baseless.
The ballots had barely been counted from Nov 1's vote before the authorities moved against his rivals, charging two opposition journalists with plotting a coup over a critical magazine cover and rounding up dozens of people accused of aiding Erdogan's archfoe, a powerful U.
One analyst said the move also reflects Riyadh's disappointment with the diplomatic opening between ally Washington and archfoe Iran, which it accuses of interfering in regional states.
The clock is running down on diplomacy to solve the crisis, with Iran's archfoe Israel refusing to rule out air strikes against Iran to halt its nuclear drive.
Rebels in the Central African Republic fighting to topple President Francois Bozize seized control of the capital Bangui on Sunday, with the whereabouts of their archfoe unknown.
Imagine how justifiably outraged the Democrat party would be if, say, 3,400 Jewish voters in liberal Palm Beach County had inadvertently voted for the archfoe of Israel, Pat Buchanan.
It was the type of argument popularized more than a century ago by Darwin's archfoe, the great Harvard zoologist Louis Agassiz, updated with examples of complex organic molecules.
It wants to export arms to its allies in the region and import anti-missile systems to prevent any possible attack by its archfoe Israel.
Summary: Iran: Iranian airspace was violated eight times by archfoe the United States in October, Iran's .
In Riyadh for talks hosted by Iran's archfoe Saudi Arabia, Obama said Washington still had "serious concerns" about Tehran, but insisted no country had an interest in conflict with the Shiite power.