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the diocese of an archbishop

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The New York archdiocese is in charge of distributing the tickets for the Yankee Stadium Mass, giving somewhere between a third and half of the total tickets to the 400 churches within its boundaries, said Joseph Zwilling, an archdiocese spokesman.
The Washington archdiocese announced that close to 14,000 people out of the 45,000 expected to be in attendance at Benedict's April 17 Mass in Washington will hail from outside the archdiocese.
Timothy McDonnell, 44, of Long Beach sued the archdiocese in 1992, claiming that he was repeatedly sexually abused at Our Lady of Peace in North Hills in the early 1970s.
He had sued the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 1992, but his lawsuit was thrown out because the statute of limitations had expired.
The Newark archdiocese, which has a 150-year history" is preparing a comprehensive reorganization, spurred by the archdiocese's financial struggles, long-term demographic changes and a decline in the number of priests.
Myers said the archdiocese "does not intend or expect" that many to close but the number of churches and schools that will shut down "is indeterminate.
I assume the various archdioceses communicate and talk to each other,'' Goldberg said.
A Chatsworth woman has sued the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, claiming it covered up for a priest who raped her and fathered her son while she was a nun living in the Philippines.
The two major insurance companies that have primarily covered the Sante Fe archdiocese since 1977, Interstate insurance and the financially troubled Lloyds of London, are refusing to pay claims that Archbishop Michael Sheehan says approximate $50 million.