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(Bible) the archangel who was the messenger of God

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I found myself playing Jack The Ripper in the evening and rehearsing Archangel Gabriel during the day
According to Islam this was the day Archangel Gabriel ordered Mohammed to read the first verses from the Koran, written on a silk cloth.
Albanian Bukoshi believes the Archangel Gabriel gave him a mission to stop prostitution and human trafficking.
In the basilica Benedict will pray at the Grotto of the Annunciation, which Christians believe marks the spot where the Archangel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary she would conceive the son of God.
LONDON, December 17 /PRNewswire/ -- As Christmas draws near, children named after the Archangel Gabriel could be celebrating more than stockings and gifts under the tree, as data from The Children's Mutual (http://www.
It is the place that witnessed the revelation of the first words of the Qur'an and the appearance of the Archangel Gabriel.
Wenzel Kunsthandel Bamberg is showing Tobias and Archangel Gabriel in a Landscape of Rolling Hills by Friedrich Brental (c.
I do not think the Archangel Gabriel could have talked me out of it at that point.
From The Cathedral of te Holy Virgin in Port Said, Lower Egypt, to The Tomb of Ibrahim and Girgis al-Guhari in Old Cairo, to The Monastery of the Archangel Gabriel in Fayyum, Upper Egypt, to Churches in Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple in Luxor, "The Churches Of Egypt" is a truly extraordinary volume that with the inclusion of a Glossary, Notes, Bibliographic References, Bibliography, and Index, make it a welcome and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal and academic library collections, as well as being an especially appropriate 'Memorial Fund' acquisition selection for community libraries.
In the spirit and pageantry of the medieval church dramas and mystery plays, eight singers and five instrumentalists (playing reproductions of early instruments) recount the events of Christmas - the message of the archangel Gabriel to the shepherds, the journey of the Magi to Bethlehem, the intrigue of Herod and his court, the flight into Egypt - in a celebration of ritual drama and song.
Swinton can play over-the-top villains such as the White Witch in "Narnia" and an Archangel Gabriel in league with his former colleague Lucifer in "Constantine.
Yes, I am sure it is a marvellous sport, raises untold billions for charity, and that public heroes such as Winston Churchill, Nobby Stiles, Vanessa Feltz and the Archangel Gabriel counted a day without trotting as a day spent in vain.
From Mary and Joseph and the Archangel Gabriel to those who sang and danced their hearts out, the staff must be very proud of these children who have worked so hard with their help.
He said Mr Carling had convictions himself, adding: "This isn't the Archangel Gabriel.
Isra' Mi'raj is known as the "Night Journey" of the prophet Mohammed who, according to Islam, was given a horse and guided by the Archangel Gabriel from Mecca to Jerusalem.