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the oldest recorded Latin (dating back at early as the 6th century B

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Plutarch states that the tree received its name not directly from the archaic Latin goddess, but instead from her association with the suckling of the infants, namely the twins.
How did the archaic Latin word putus 'small; a young boy; a young animal', in its feminine form puta come to mean 'prostitute'?
This happens because Gellius, like Cato, has divided his sentences into clauses rather than phrases, and he has also imitated the more abundant and exact coordination of archaic Latin.
Another instance of the `felicitous' juxtaposition of archaic Latin and Greek is 4.
Influenced by the textual criticism of the English and German classicists Richard Bentley and Gottfried Hermann, he made exhaustive studies that laid the scholarly foundations for research in archaic Latin.