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the site of an archeological exploration

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developing several archaeological sites and providing them with utilities
The Ministry of Antiquities announced launching a new project to document rare petroglyphs at archaeological sites across Egypt's governorates.
In this regard, Heritage Curator of Bizerte, Ferid Zammali said the discovery includes a buried archaeological site consisting of walls built of polished stone and pieces of natural ceramics in addition to the remains of an old oil mill.
The government came under fire after a recent cabinet decision to annul a 2014 decree which had designated the plot in question a class B archaeological site after the attorney-general ruled that the move was unconstitutional.
The meeting discussed the possibility of analysing the DNA of the date seeds discovered at the archaeological site and to what extent they could be planted again in the same area.
Paris, SANA-The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced on Wednesday that the ancient city of Palmyra preserves had suffered significant damage at the hands of ISIS terrorists, but the archaeological sites retain much of their authenticity.
A SPECIAL committee has been set up to protect archaeological sites from neglect in the Northern Governorate.
A state trooper saw him at the site again in February 2012, and the state subsequently filed two misdemeanor charges of prohibited excavation of an archaeological site.
The FTAA will restore a new archaeological site - Dibba Al Fujairah Fort - which is larger than both Masafi and Al Bathna forts in terms of the total area, by end of the year.
Summary: CAIRO - With a primitive gun and a street dog, Ahmed Mohamed continues to guard the Tuna el-Gabal archaeological site, that extends for some eight square kilometres in the desert of Minya in Upper Egypt.
At which archaeological site located north of Cairo were cat mummies found?
An archaeological site in the northwestern part of Honduras, for example, has two main areas: a ceremonial plaza surrounded by pyramids and a residential patio encircled by dwellings.
Modeling Archaeological Site Burial In Southern Michigan
Climb to an archaeological site where Hohokam Indians charted the seasons more than six centuries ago.
In this paper we provide a brief overview of the history of archaeological site protection in the former Northwest Territories, and describe the nature of the changes that are now in effect in the new Nunavut and Northwest Territories.
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