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Synonyms for Archean

of or relating to the earliest known rocks formed during the Precambrian Eon


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However, in the Archaen Boston Creek Flow, the PGE mineralisation is associated with major amounts (up to 20%) of magnetite and these give magnetic anomalies up to 72,000 nT.
The region is the margin of the Archaen Yilgarn block/craton.
Gold and iron ore mineralisation has been reported in these rocks and GSP has located what appears to be promising occurrence of bedded iron ore deposits in Archaen rocks of Jhang district (Punjab).
The Coolgardie Goldfield is Archaen aged and situated at the western margin of the Norseman-Wiluna Belt within the Yilgarn Craton and comprises an arcuate belt of deformed, amphibolite grade mafic, ultramafic, felsic and sedimentary rocks bounded to the east by syntectonic monzogranite.
Earth, geosciences, and other scientists from the US and Europe summarize key issues in the field: the biological and geological processes of the global carbon cycle; the global nitrogen, iron, sulfur, and oxygen cycles; bacterial biomineralization; mineral-organic-microbe interfacial chemistry; eukaryotic skeletal formation; plants and animals as geobiological agents; a geobiological view of weathering and erosion; the contributions of molecular biology; stable isotope geobiology; biomarkers; the fossil record of microbial life; the geochemical origins of life; mineralogical co-evolution of the geosphere and biosphere; and the geobiology of the Archaen, Proterozoic, Phanerozoic, and Anthropocene eons.