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Synonyms for archenemy

one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

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Quick Gun Murugun is an Unlikely Superhero, a South Indian cowboy whose duty is to protect the world against arch-villain restaurant owner, Rice Plate Reddy, who wants to create the ultimate non-veg dosa.
JK Rowling has reassured French readers of her hugely successful Harry Potter series that she had nothing against their country despite giving her arch-villain a French name, Voldemort.
Outed in DC's GLAAD Award-nominated Gotham Central series (in the "Half a Life" story arc) by arch-villain Two-Face in 2003.
He catalyses a pleasing screen chemistry with Hathaway, who has nothing to do apart from keeping a straight face as her co-star goofs in and out of trouble, while Stamp pays his mortgage for a couple of months as the lifeless, pantomime arch-villain.
Academy Award nominee Heath Ledger stars as arch-villain The Joker, and Aaron Eckhart plays District Attorney Harvey Dent.
Katherine Harris, for this crowd the arch-villain of the 2000 election, was lopsidedly losing her bid for a Senate seat.
In an office that would be the envy of any arch-villain, with its eight computer monitors and oversize cutouts of costumed warriors, he stretched out on his cartoon-like sofa and rhapsodized over his plans to build up the company he founded in 1997.
Meanwhile, the local law enforcement, particularly one Sheriff Bell, is shocked and mystified by a series of apparently pointless, horrific crimes: The arch-villain Anton Chigurh garrotes a deputy with his own handcuffs, flees in a patrol car, then stops and slays an unlucky motorist to obtain a less compromising vehicle .
Corneille's Cesar therefore cannot be the arch-villain he is in Lucan; Ternaux thereby shows us both the depth and the limits of Corneille's involvement with his ancient model.
How the name of the British arch-villain could emigrate to America and be transformed into a typical American nice guy is certainly a linguistic mystery.
Throughout the books, Harry must fend off attacks from an evil arch-villain, Lord Voldemort, who murdered Harry's parents and wants to kill him as well.
The arch-villain of this weapons binge was Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, whom Rudman saw as an evil enabler who encouraged the armed services to press for everything on their wish list, although Rudman does concede Reagan's defense spending probably did bankrupt the Soviets.
Now, armed with Zhong Qui's magic sword, Dax is all that stands between arch-villain Wraithor's plot to flood the world with ghosts and demons and take it over.
The arch-villain is omnipotent - he slaughters an entire factory of workmen with a casual swipe of his hand - and could conceivably destroy mankind without breaking computer-generated sweat.
Now he's the arch-villain, accused of overseeing "a national tragedy, a disaster" by the Sports Minister, branded "obsolete" and "a joke" by the media.