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Synonyms for archenemy

one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

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RIYADH: India s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Monday that an independent Palestinian state was key to Middle East stability and called on arch-foe Pakistan to "act decisively" against terrorism.
Obama refused to see Netanyahu in March when the Israeli leader accepted an invitation from Republican leaders, without consulting the White House, and gave a speech to Congress in which he harshly criticized Obama's negotiations with Iran, Israel's regional arch-foe.
Last week, Meles zenawi has warned arch-foe Eritrea to refrain from what he said was a growing aggression by Asmara.
The move takes the confrontation of the fiery former prime minister with her arch-foe President Viktor Yanukovych to a new level.
Ahmadinejad's visit to the south marked the closest he has ever come to arch-foe Israel.
Israel is opposed to the planned sale of advanced anti-ship missiles by Russia to Israel's arch-foe Syria and will lodge a protest with Moscow, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Monday, reported the Beirut daily AN NAHAR Tuesday.
May 11, 2010 (ADDIS ABABA) Ethiopian Prime minister Meles Zenawi has advised arch-foe Eritrea to refrain from what he said was a "growing aggression by Asmara".
Israel has asked Italy for help in getting the EU to list the elite Revolutionary Guards of arch-foe Iran as a "terrorist group", a senior minister said on Feb 2.
Summary: Israeli President Shimon Peres on Monday headed on a tour of Brazil and Argentina to counter arch-foe Iran's influence in Latin America, the second such trip in months by a senior Israeli official.
The first test-firing on Monday involved the Shahab-3, which Iran says could hit arch-foe Israel and U.
from the Chandipur test range on Wheeler's Island amid international pressure on India to deescalate military tension with arch-foe Pakistan.
NNA - 10/4/2012 - Reuters - Iran said on Tuesday it had identified a "major terrorist group" it said was affiliated to its arch-foe Israel and had arrested some of its members, the official IRNA news agency reported, citing a report by the country's Intelligence Ministry.
Ethiopia: Ethiopia said Wednesday that four of the five tourists killed in the northeast of the country were Europeans and the fifth an Australian, and blamed arch-foe Eritrea for backing their attackers.
In August, Iran sentenced seven leading members of the community to 20-year jail terms on charges ranging from spying for foreigners, spreading corruption on earth, undermining Islam and of cooperating with arch-foe Israel.
Israeli media reports said the satellite's high resolution cameras would enable Israel to keep a closer eye on arch-foe Iran.