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one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

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ANOTHER arch-enemy - health and safety - is threatening to silence the bongs of Big Ben from midday today, for an incredible four years.
GAZA CITY - Hamas unveiled a rocket-shaped statue Monday showcasing its capacity to strike arch-enemy Israel, as Israel boasted its own haul of captured weapons it claims were bound for Gaza.
ONE person who won't be buying tickets to Robbie Williams' tour is his arch-enemy Liam Gallagher.
To hear the Israeli media tell it, the real war that just broke out in the Holy Land is between the country's beleaguered and bombarded south and its arch-enemy, Tel Aviv.
However, his arch-enemy Lex Luthor sees the chance to rid himself of the superhero by creating a deadly radioactive henchman who causes havoc around the world.
CARDIFF is set to host a second Friday night match in the Six Nations - and this time the opponents would be Wales' arch-enemy, England.
Cage was in talks to take on the role of the HornetAAEs arch-enemy Mr.
Ming the Merciless is the arch-enemy of which comic book hero?
One can only guess at his mind set to bring his former arch-enemy back to the fold and having to eat the huge piece of humble pie he is still trying to digest.
Gardner's exhibit pays special attention to industry arch-enemy and U.
Lee Blake, events manager at the farm, says: "You'll find Little Bo Peep looking after her sheep, Peter Pan and his arch-enemy Captain Hook, the Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Cruella de Ville and a host of other fairytale characters going about their daily business on the farm.
They're all here--those wacky, diabolical villains, The Joker, Riddler, Ventriloquist, Scarecrow and more--sprung from their Home for the Criminally Insane by Batman's arch-enemy, Bane.
The bikini-mad student was in tears on Sunday night after a gang led by her arch-enemy Lesley stole her make-up bag, but the bullying victim may gain some sympathy for it if she faces the public vote.
Seems Amber's drug plant on her arch-enemy was successful and Tanya (Zoe Lucker) arrives all flickering eyes, false nails and Louis Vuitton luggage trying to cut deals with the wardens.
Thomas spent the weekend giving train rides to children and fighting off his arch-enemy Devious Diesel.