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(Anglican Church) an ecclesiastical dignitary usually ranking just below a bishop

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The Anglican arch-deacon enrolled him in Emmanuel College at the University of Saskatchewan, he became an Anglican minister, and after graduating in 1944, Cuthand went north to work and teach, and met a young teacher named Chris--now his wife of 64 years.
The couple were married at a ceremony at the picturesque San Salvator's church, Glaslough,conducted by the Venerable Cecil Pringle , Arch-deacon of Clogher.
Mr Hewitt, who is highly regarded for his work with deprived communities, sent a one-sentence letter of resignation to the diocese last week but parishioners only became aware of the news during a Remembrance Sunday service led by arch-deacon Alun Hawkins.
Mr Vincent then rang the bell as a sign of his induction before being led to his seat in the church by the arch-deacon.
Shocked parishioners were told the news when it was announced from the pulpit by arch-deacon Alun Hawkins at a Remembrance service on Sunday.