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wedge-shaped stone building block used in constructing an arch or vault

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Additionally, the Kentucky Mansion's interior features opulent crown molding, cathedral arch stone doorways, a European gourmet kitchen, a Butler Pantry, a centerpiece casino room with five big-screen TVs a 30' Lanai wall opening to an outside lounge porch; an over-indulgent theater room with a fiber-optic starlit ceiling; and 4 bedroms and 8 luscious baths.
27, 1978, the section of the rail bed in Douglas State Forest was taken by eminent domain from the Connecticut line to 1,600 feet after Arch Stone Bridge.
His solution was arches of great complexity with the arch stones gradually changing from aligning with the skew piers to lying at right angles to the line of the bridge at the crown - no mean geometrical problem.
To form the arch above the firebox, David took a tip from ancient builders and assembled the arch stones over a temporary wooden form.