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soil and freshwater protozoa

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In studies with plankton communities, Arcellidae is one of the predominant families, along with Difflugiidae and Centropyxidae (Velho et al.
Testate amoebae (Rhizopodea-Sarcodina) from zooplankton of the high Parana river floodplain, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil: I Families Arcellidae and Centropyxidae.
The families Arcellidae, Difflugiidae and Centropyxidae were three of the four most abundant families, representing 90.
Shape of Family Taxon the theca Arcellidae Arcella arenaria (Greef, 1866) flattened A.
Arcellidae, Difflugiidae and Centropyxidae presented taxa more constant during the four sampling months.
The most representative families of testate amoebae recorded in the present study, Difflugiidae, Arcellidae and Centropyxidae, have been highlighted for the great diversity in other studies performed in freshwater plankton (GREEN, 1975; DABES, 1995; LANDA; MOURGUESSCHURTER, 2000; LANSAC-TOHA et al.