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an angel ranked above the highest rank in the celestial hierarchy

a biennial cultivated herb

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11) Statistics for the years 1771-75 derived from Mission San Gabriel Arcangel Baptisms 1771-1819, US/Can Film #2643, LAFHL.
They were worried about getting out and looking for a job, and I said, 'Listen, this new GI Bill will do good for you,'" Arcangel said.
It also causes suppressed grief and intense loneliness (Moody & Arcangel, 2002:41-42).
Luis Landero: 'Cervantes es el arcangel del idioma espanol.
Also glimpsed through the train's picture windows are the Western movie backdrops of the Santa Susana Pass near Simi Valley, the horrific mudslide at La Conchita, the double security fence and guard towers of the California Men's Colony in San Luis Obispo, a lamentable web of earthquake cracks in the facade of Mission San Miguel Arcangel near Paso Robles, and the hypnotically geometric rows of crops in the Salinas Valley.
The lawsuit also states that mass is held regularly in the missions San Antonio de Padua, San Gabriel Arcangel, San Francisco de Asis, San Juan Capistrano, San Buenaventura, San Fernando Rey de Espana, San Jose, and San Luis Rey de Francia.
A few Peruvian chains, such as Boticas y Salud, Boticas Arcangel, and Boticas Torres de Limatambo, are arming themselves with the necessary technology to become competitive market players thanks to the tough competition from Chile.
Las listas elaboradas por las autoridades locales para llevar el control de los contribuyentes activos de las festividades religiosas dedicadas a San Miguel Arcangel, patrono del lugar, reportaban para el ano 2002 un total de 146 parejas, integradas por hombres y mujeres oriundos del pueblo que residen, mayoritariamente, en California.
On January 4, 1776, they reached the settlement Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, and from there they followed established trails through Indian villages along the California coastline.
These paintings, from the Church of San Miguel Arcangel in suburban Cayma, consecrated in 1735, depict miracles associated with the Virgin of Candelaria, whose statue, a gift of Charles V, resides on the high altar.
Arcangel Margaret Willis said the group were happy to challenge outdated sexual stereotypes.
Revolutionary ArcAngel provides superior safety protection and crisis coordination in an emergency; must-have app for parents, students and individuals in 2015