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a department of Greece in the central Peloponnese

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45) Pantallas y Escenarios, March 15, 1939, cited in de la Vega Alfaro, Arcady Boytler, 99.
A bronze of a couple dancing, draped in cobwebs which sparkle in the sunshine, is another of his works and will dance on forever under an Anglesey sky if the new owner of Arcady decides they would like it.
It has reached an agreement with the Jeronimo Martins Group and Unilever to acquire Lisbon-based bakery-mixes producer Promalte Arcady and Porto-based frozen bakery products manufacturer Panduave.
One hails nightfall over a lake in The Evening Star; another teaches a goat to dance in The Shepherds of Arcady.
Progressive education: From arcady to academe: A history of the Progressive Education Association 1919-1955.
Aside from his stint in Reel Union with Dolores, Sean played in a number of bands during an early 80s sojourn in London before founding the traditional group Arcady, whose number included Sharon Shannon.
You're depressed, you have to talk about it, Arcady.
Many of those who volunteered were determined to find a new Arcady in America.
It is clear that Panofsky felt "I too am in Arcady.
13) In fact, Arcady and Baker, writing at the time of the adoption of SFAS 34, state: "Statement no.
It is directed by Aja, from a screenplay by Aja and Gregory Levasseur, produced by Alexandre Arcady, Robert Benmussa and executive produced by Alexandre Arcady, Robert Benmussa and Luc Besson, with cinematography by Maxime Alexandre.
Etaient presents, notamment, la ministre de la Culture, Nadia Labidi, le wali d'Alger, Abdelkader Zoukh, le realisateur, Alexandre Arcady, le directeur de la Protection civile, le colonel Mustapha Lahbiri, Me Farouk Ksentini, president de la Commission nationale consultative de promotion et de protection des droits de l'Homme (CNCPPDH), Mohamed Seghir Babes, president du Conseil national economique et social (Cnes).
controlled by Alexander Ponomarenko, Alexander Skorobogatko and Arcady Rotenberg, which owns 50.
Arcady, LaNay (Johnson & Johnson Services Scholarship) a BSN student at Mesa State College, Grand Junction, is interested in working in acute care following her planned Fall 2011 graduation.