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a department of Greece in the central Peloponnese

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Owner Sacha Gaydamak has always maintained that he financed the club's takeover on his own despite allegations that his wealthy and controversial father Arcady was behind him.
Having introduced Blur guitarist Graham Coxon and the rest of his band to the stage, Peter, as his album names him nowadays, moved on to Arcady, then most recent single Last of the English Roses, followed by 1939 Returning and A Little Death Around The Eyes.
His topics include Gogol's two faces, whirling dervish by the horn, and Fellini in Arcady.
Progressive education from arcady to academe: A history of the Progressive Education Association, 1919-1955.
Conocimos el cine de Fernando de Fuentes, Salvador Toscano, Arcady Boytler, Juan Bustillo Oro, Gilberto Martinez Solares, Emilio "El Indio Fernandez", Luis Bunuel y otros inolvidables.
In the same year, 1883, the Reverend Augustus Jessop referred less helpfully to the dourness of rural life: "The swains of modern Arcady are very, very, very grim, they are no longer laughing animals.
Event sponsor Ashlyn Arcady, of AEC Repro, said, "When you have an exhibit table with PWC you have a presence and every time you come you make connections.
45) This story of aristocratic love set in New Spain (colonial Mexico) was directed by Arcady Boytler and had a screenplay by Salvador Novo.
Goethe's understanding of this line "would seem to call for the reading 'I, too, am in Arcady,' rather than 'I am even in Arcady'" (35-36).
First, the artist's choice of images to include is itself a form of interpretation--as Nicolas Poussin forcefully showed in one painting by focusing the figures' gaze on the intrusive inscription ET IN ARCADIA EGO: "I (Death) too can be found in Arcady.
With a star-covered 10-sided master bedroom, secret cupboards and staircases galore, and a secluded pagoda that can only be reached by a bridge, those well-worn adjectives 'compact', 'bijou' and 'well presented' just wouldn't have cut it for the sale of Arcady.
Niamh is a former member of the traditional Irish band Arcady and appeared before American President Bill Clinton and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern in Washington.
And as we shall see as this most accomplished of Stoppard's works develops, that duality serves as both through-line and controlling metaphor for almost every dramatic device the playwright exploits in these highly theatrical shades of Arcady.