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Synonyms for Arcadian

of or relating to the countryside

Words related to Arcadian

an inhabitant of Arcadia

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(used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic

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What secular want could the million or so of human beings whose daily labour, six days in the week, lay among these Arcadian objects, from the sweet sameness of which they had no escape between the cradle and the grave--what secular want could they possibly have upon their seventh day?
Ar rayed--I MUST say arrayed--arrayed artlessly in dazzling white paint as to wood and dark green as to ironwork the simple-minded distribution of these colours evoked the images of simple-minded peace, of arcadian felicity; and the childish comedy of disease and sorrow struck me sometimes as an abom inably real blot upon that ideal state.
He ceas'd; and th' Archangelic Power prepar'd For swift descent, with him the Cohort bright Of watchful Cherubim; four faces each Had, like a double JANUS, all thir shape Spangl'd with eyes more numerous then those Of ARGUS, and more wakeful then to drouze, Charm'd with ARCADIAN Pipe, the Pastoral Reed Of HERMES, or his opiate Rod.
BENTLEY Operatic Society continues its centenary celebrations with a production of The Arcadians.
Before leading the orchestra in Lionel Monckton's The Arcadians Overture, Wilson amused the audience with an anecdote from his early days as a musician.
The book opens with a discussion of baroque visual rhetoric, the style so reviled by the eighteenth-century Arcadians.
Since the Arcadians saw good taste as decisively anti-baroque, the first chapter interprets anew the visual grammar and rhetoric of baroque art.
JIM Thomas, of Solihull, submitted this fascinating picture of The Arcadians Under 18s team.
Therefore the Arcadians expressed themselves in a less-direct way, in their meeting gardens, as well as more directly in theater.
I married in 1945 and it was shortly after that I joined the Arcadians.
Other prominent Arcadians included Pedro Antonio Correia Garcao, an accomplished devotee of the Latin classical poet Horace, and Tomas Antonio Gonzaga, who is known for a collection of pastoral love lyrics written under the pseudonym Dirceu.
Sohm traces the reception of Boschini's pittoresco in the late seventeenth century and the more strenuous objections to the concept and to painterly brushwork in the eighteenth, especially among the Arcadians.
Arcadians, in contrast, find salvation in simple country living, barter economies, "biocentrism," pantheism, and the politics of subversion.
The Arcadians were, as a matter of fact, the most backward of the Greeks, retaining to a relatively late date primitive, even savage customs that had long since died out elsewhere in Greece.
Carousel THE ARCADIANS, CRESCENT THEATRE THIS Rodgers and Hammerstein musical has a touching story, strong characters and some superb numbers that send the customers home humming those memorable tunes.