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Synonyms for Arcadian

of or relating to the countryside

Words related to Arcadian

an inhabitant of Arcadia

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(used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic

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The influence of Arcadianism was thus widespread in learned culture, and thus, argues Minor, understanding the Arcadian ideology helps us to understand eighteenth-century taste.
end of the 1930s, Arcadianism, the necessary illusion of the
The first strike against Arcadianism at this historical moment was
in general also meant the repudiation of Arcadianism.
For the criticism of arcadianism, see in addition to Patterson, Salzman, Smith, and Potter, esp.
Certainly the innocent and high-minded Arcadianism of Frederick Law Otmsted and Calvert Vaux, intrepidly struggling to realize their vision for the good of "hundreds of thousands of tired workers" in Manhattan's Central Park, is quite different from the mythologies of race and sex that have condemned countless mdlions to oppression or worse throughout history.
5) Romantic arcadianism (Carlos Castaneda and The Whole Earth Catalog replaced by the L.
44 Cavendish was not alone in attempting to reform romance from within: see Patterson, 1984, on the critique of romance and arcadianism in prose romances of 1650s and 60s.