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a unit of angular distance equal to a 60th of a degree

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A project supported by the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) was started in 2006 that aims to compile a complete digital elevation model of Turkey based on SRTM data with 3 arc-second resolution (Bildirici et al.
40 kiloparsecs [1] and has an angular diameter of 16 arc-seconds [2].
For example, if data are 10 arc-second or 5 arc-second, do the errors become zero?
com, the Internet destination for international map products, added Saudi Arabia 3 arc-second Digital Elevation Models to the company's Online Map Store.
The assembly and alignment of the eight grazing incidence HRMA mirrors, some weighing up to 450 pounds, to fractions of an arc-second tilt accuracy was a magnificent accomplishment," said Jeff Wynn, program manager of Kodak's AXAF telescope project.
Jeff Hester and his colleagues at the California Institue of Technology in Pasadena photographed this bright star, its gas halo and the surrounding interstellar medium in unprecedented detail, resolving structures just a few tenths of an arc-second across.
25 arc-second across, fractionally better than the 0.
05 arc-second at an infrared wavelength of 2 microns.
1 arc-second in diameter -- a scale beyond the resolving power of ground-based telescopes, says astronomer J.
The photo, one of 40 taken by an instrument called the Normal Incidence X-Ray Telescope, shows details as small as 1 arc-second -- about twice the resolution of previous images.
1 arc-second (comparable to what's needed to distinguish a car's right headlight from its left at a distance of 2,500 miles), is indeed about 10 times the average resolving power of today's ground-based telescopes.
Where Z is the linear scale value in arc-seconds per division.
SCALGO Live Global illustrates some of the benefits of the technology using the 60 billion element, near-global, three arc-seconds (90-meter at the equator) resolution SRTM dataset made available by NASA.
A balanced line driver output allows for long distance signal transmissions, and the system's 780 nm semiconductor laser offers maximum output power of 5 mW, with signal error of 25 arc-seconds.
The beautiful double-star DUN 206 (Dunlop Catalogue) is situated on the western edge of the cluster and contains two magnitude 6 and 7 blue stars with a separation of 10 arc-seconds in a position angle (PA) of 14.