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a lamp that produces light when electric current flows across the gap between two electrodes

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With UV LED, Phoseon said it is enabling converters to enjoy the benefits of UV curing without the typical costs and hazards of operating an arc lamp to produce the UV light.
Smithers Pira tests for print fade and lightfastness of paper, print and pigmented plastics using a James Heal Apollo weather fastness tester fitted with a xenon arc lamp source and irradiance measurement.
Quoizel debuted several floor and arc lamps, including Stargaze, a 93-inch-high arc with three separate shade heads.
Until now we've never known just how many arc lamps there are in this damned country.
Arc lamps, HID lamps, and the sulfur lamp are later examples of compact high-output light sources.
With that knowledge we set our objective at maintaining that level of quality and looked at what technologies were available to maintain high intensity and low heat which we found in Arc Lamps.
The Heliophor provides a new alternative to arc lamps, metal halides, and LED light sources," SPIE said.
As flares and arc lamps pierced the fog last night on the stretch of track 200 yards on the down line from St John's Station, it was thought unlikely that all the bodies would be recovered before today.
He became interested in the possibility of creating artificial diamonds while working with carbon arc lamps.
After being started up in 1888, all of the Brush mansion's energy needs were taken care of including an extensive laboratory, 350 incandescent lights, 2 arc lamps, and 3 electric motors.
After taking the Northern Pacific, you uncleft from the ways of commerce and walked beneath the arc lamps with a book of Mai-Yao Chen's poems in your back pocket.
The third component, the radiation source, was traditionally a tungsten filament; this has evolved into more advanced forms such as deuterium arc lamps, LED arc lamps, and xenon arc lamps.
He added that "furniture stores have a distinct advantage with arc lamps because they can display over sectionals, while lighting showrooms can't.
They use xenon arc lamps to reproduce full-spectrum sunlight--UV plus visible and infrared.
Unlike arc lamps that are inherently very bright, LED technology has dramatically evolved from humble beginnings.