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a lamp that produces light when electric current flows across the gap between two electrodes

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I drive for another half hour and then I know that I am way past the company, and I take possession of the inkling that I will never again get to work, and I might just as well start looking for my next position right now; at the upper edge of the car windows there are arc lamps that are moving past me somewhat faster than I am moving past them: they have it right.
Arc lamps consist of two carbon rods separated by a gap where an arc flows.
Conventional UV arc lamps release a lot of heat, and if you are working with sensitive items, there are issues.
Unlike arc lamps that are turned on continuously, LEDs can be switched on or off instantly when needed with no deleterious effects to their lifespan.
Kids'eyes shining as they craned out of the car window we crawled in the queue of traffic admiring the ingenuity,humour and hard work of those responsible for the lights which started life in 1879 with eight arc lamps.
Six arc lamps onthe 'prom' and one on each of the then two piers were built and used to light a massive arena for a carnival night.
Its xenon arc lamps are full-spectrum (UV, visible light and infrared) to realistically reproduce sunlight, sunlight through window glass and bright indoor lighting.
Police forensic teams erected a tent and arc lamps at the spot where the man was found.
The arc lamps use two bulbs, which are gallium and mercury, rather than one and can cause bubbles in the powder coating.
With the recent development of using synchrotron radiation light sources instead of traditional Xenon arc lamps in CD instruments, more accurate spectra can be measured at lower wavelengths.
The key features of the new facility are two "miniature suns" -- six-inch xenon arc lamps that operate at 6,500 watts.
Things have come a long way since 1879 when visitors danced under the first Blackpool lights - just eight electric arc lamps.
At this facility, MesoCoat will be installing a 600 kW fusion cladding arc lamp system, one of the most powerful arc lamps ever manufactured.
ArcLED switches seamlessly on the same press with the same Rhino power supply from DC power for the LEDs to high voltage AC for the arc lamps.