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Preparation of carbon-coated Co and Ni nanocrystallites by a modified AC arc discharge method.
automatic restarting--interruption of the output current of the inverter for a specific period of time, sufficient for disrupting the arc discharge in the cases in which there are breakdowns short-circuiting longer than the given value.
This paper presents some electrical results obtained on an experimental set up modeling the arc discharge on polluted surfaces simulating a practical insulator.
However, since the temperature of the arc discharge is considerably higher than the temperature of the slag pool, the intensity of the evaporation, dissociation and ionisation processes is greatly higher in this case.
An electric current is applied between the stud bolt and the base metal to produce an arc discharge for a predetermined period of time.
Thus CNT companies are propelled toward improving the different synthesis procedures such as chemical vapor deposition, arc discharge, and catalytic methods for efficient manufacturing.
At the end of the course, a group of the students succeeded in preparation of zinc oxide nanoparticles via hydrothermal method, iron oxide nanoparticles by sol-gel method, titanium and copper oxide via sol-gel reflux technique, cluster nanoflowers of zinc oxide and its nano rods through electrospinning and carbon nanotubes via electric arc discharge within liquid with metal oxide catalyst.
The dimensions and number of the droplets are determined by the thermophysical properties of the cathode material and the arc discharge current [5].
Commonly produced through methods such as arc discharge, laser ablation, or chemical vapor deposition, nanotubes can also be produced by ball milling, hydrothermal pressure, decomposition of buckyballs, and annealing of soot.
DE-SC0001169), and an NSF Award (Title: EAGER: Exploring plasma mechanism of synthesis of graphene in arc discharge, NSF Award No.
Results of investigations of main arc discharge electrical parameters under conditions of interaction of plasma jets of the three-phase system of arcs with air-pulverized coal mixture depending upon arc length [L.
Established methods include arc discharge, laser ablation or pulsed laser vaporization (PLV), chemical vapor deposition and gas phase processes, such as high-pressure carbon monoxide (HiPCO).
Simultaneously with evaporation by the electron beam of substances from the molten pool by means of the annular electrode the arc discharge is excited (voltage about 50 V, current up to 100 A) in the vapor flow between the electrode and the pool surface, and to the substrate negative electric potential (bias) up to 500 V is fed.
Even provided issue of arc discharge stabilization and compression is solved, it is required for stable diffusion conditions of operation of watercooled anode that such parameters as current, arc length and diameter of anode be in a certain optimal area of their interrelations.
Here in one point converge solid, liquid, and gas phases of oxide cathode and arc discharge.