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Synonyms for arbiter

Synonyms for arbiter

a person, usually appointed, who decides the issues or results, or supervises the conduct, of a competition or conflict

Synonyms for arbiter

someone with the power to settle matters at will

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someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue

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If the sides could not reach agreement with the figures submitted, the parties could go before arbitors [sic] from the National Labor Relations Board and present their case.
The arbitors of enlightened morality on the editorial board at The Globe and Mail have taken the same view.
Since parking was privatised,I believe there is no avenue to take this matter to the courts,Citilink are sole arbitors in this matter.
728, 743 (1981) (suggesting that many labor law arbitors, while having superior knowledge of "the law of the shop," lack sufficient knowledge of "the law of the land") (quoting Alexander v.
On November 19,USDAW union officials met the company's director of distribution in a meeting brokered by independent arbitors from Acas.