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Words related to arbitrage

a kind of hedged investment meant to capture slight differences in price

practice arbitrage, as in the stock market

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Le reliquat de ce financement, soit 30 MD, sera consacre a la regulation du marche des assurances au cas oo les societes d'assurance ne parviennent pas a honorer leurs engagements financiers', a encore explique Mme Arbi.
Nikolin Kocu, Aurel Luku and Alex Ferrari (aka Arbi Xhani) were arrested <B following a long-standing Tarian investigation into drug dealing
Today, the Gendarmerie building is a shattered wreck, pulverised by two French bombs, but Arbi said that AQIM's commanders were quick to realise that their training centre would be a target, the report said.
El Arbi Hillel Soudani, who got the game's only goal late on in the first leg, started upfront with Islam Slimani, and the pair's pressing style caused Ali Salama and Waleed al Sbaa'ee problems all night; to their credit, the pair, who have played little club football over the previous 18 months or so, dealt admirably with Algeria's embarrassment of attacking riches.
The good news is that some cases of ARBI can be treated and an effective treatment programme can be potentially life-changing for the patient and family members.
The Memorial group said Arbi Khachukayev, who heads Law, an organisation critical of Chechnya's Kremlin-backed leader, was detained on Thursday and bundled onto a flight.
Beginning with three patients, by 1989 ARBI had 20 patients and had expanded to include paid professional staff, volunteers and family members.
The number of bands detected by individual primer combinations ranged from 15 (SuSy + Arbi 3) to 58 (CDPK + Arbi 3) with an average of 33.
Boyfriend Arbi Garagousian, 19, of Glendale, died at the scene after he lost control of his Toyota Celica and it crashed into a tree.
Warlord Arbi Barayev - Mosvar's uncle - was responsible for the executions.
Barayev, 25, had inherited a band of 300 rebels from his uncle Arbi Barayev - a notorious warlord with strong links to al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden - in July last year.
Hussein Idiyev, aged 36, was chief of staff for a rebel group led by Arbi Barayev, a Chechen warlord reportedly killed last year and who had been linked to the 1998 murder.
30pm, claims to have evidence that Arbi Barayev, the notorious Islamic warlord thought to be responsible for their murder, was an ally of bin Laden.
Kremlin spokesman on Chechnya Igor Botnikov says Arbi Barayev, a leading Chechen field commander, has been killed in an operation by the army, which blockaded a central Chechen town of Nazran for days, searching for him and other rebel fighters.