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Synonyms for ruby

a transparent piece of ruby that has been cut and polished and is valued as a precious gem

a transparent deep red variety of corundum

a deep and vivid red color

Related Words

of a color at the end of the color spectrum (next to orange)

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Ara Arax was in four fights during the weeks before he was killed.
The two sides also signed on Friday a protocol on amendments to a 2007 Armenian-Iranian agreement on the Arax plant.
See, for instance, Mark Arax and Tom Gorman, "California's Illicit Farm Belt Export," March 13, 1995 [about "Sinaloa Cowboys"]; Sebastian Rotella, "Children of the Border," April 3, 1993 [about teenaged male prostitutes in Balboa Park].
Arax, an Armenian alternative group from Australia, and the traditional Armenian band Winds of Passion are in the running for the best-band award.
Armenia s President Serzh Sargsyan and Iran s Energy Minister Majid Namjoo symbolically laid the first stone for the plant located on the Arax River near the southern Armenian town of Meghri.
Paul Abu Elias, who was shopping for Christmas on Arax, Burj Hammoud's major commercial street, said people were nowadays generally reluctant to spend generously on nonessential items.
Nevertheless, passports will continue to be checked on either side of the frontier marked by the Arax river.
Armenia still hopes to get about 5 MCM/day of Iranian gas from late 1999 through a 140-km pipeline to be built by NIGC from Tabriz to the Arax River, which forms the border with Iran.
Sometimes it's easier to count your blessings when you see how few others have, as Arax Miller of Valley Village discovered on a cold Christmas Eve in Inglewood 26 years ago.
The plant is situated on the Arax River near the southern Armenian town of Meghri.
Rayeesi made the remarks at a meeting with Armenia's Ambassador to Iran Grigor Arakelyan and Iran's Armenian press members, Arax Armenian weekly of Tehran informed.
Those include the construction of two hydro-electric plants on the Arax river marking the Armenian-Iranian border and a pipeline that will ship Iranian fuel to Armenia.
Summary: Bourj Hammoud's Arax Street -- once known as Beirut's bargain hunter's paradise -- has been grappling with soaring international gold prices, as jewelers there report a nearly 80 percent drop in sales over the last five years.
This is the fourth time I've been here since last Sunday,'' said Arax Carapit, at Kensington Palace with a friend.
The list of shut shops comprised Arax enterprise, Alimike enterprise, Nafees Investment and Shatteta enterprise together with all Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) shops.