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a member of a widespread group of Amerindians living in northeastern South America


a family of South American Indian languages spoken in northeastern South America

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The picture that emerges for the prefixed valency-increasing markers then is a mix of genealogical factors (Tupian, Arawakan), possibly areal diffusion (comitative causatives/applicatives, benefactive/ malefactive in Leko and Yurakare), and naturalness effects (positional correlation of person prefixes and the type of valency-increasing markers).
It is not possible to trace with certainty an origin of the Guayaberos, but the evidence here presented suggests that these populations may possibly have an Andean-Eastern plains origin more rather than an Amazon origin, notwithstanding some of the Guayabero's ancient practices--such as consumption of manioc--which presents some resemblances to the Tukanoan and Arawakan practices, in the Amazon Basin.
It's one of the Arawakan languages, indigenous to parts of South America and the Caribbean, and developed among descendents of African slaves.
"Saladoid economy and complexity on the Arawakan frontier." PhD diss., Florida State University, 2008.
Morphological containment of locative expressions inside directional expressions Language Genus Location Goal Garo Tibeto-Burman -o -o-na Lezgian Daghestanian [-q.sup.h] [-q.sup.h]-di Mwotlab Oceanic l( V) al(V) Yanesha Arawakan -o -o-net Language Source Reference Garo -o-ni Burling (2003) Lezgian [-q.sup.h-aj Haspelmath(1993) Mwotlab [m.sup.w][epsilon] Crowley (2002) l( V) Yanesha [-0-t.sup.y] Duty Tripp (1997) Table 3.
In Puerto Rico, Haplogroup A samples indicate the last wave of Arawakan speakers to enter the region.
Collectively, the volume aims to be inclusive in its coverage of key culture groups and includes papers discussing warfare and violence among the Maya, Aztecs, Zapotecs, Arawakan Taino, Moche, Cotacachi, Waorani, Tupinamba, and the hunter gatherers of the Gran Chaco.
"Chimila: Chibchan, Chocoan, Carib, or Arawakan?" Ponencia en el XLVII Congreso Internacional de Americanistas.
Vincent, with the mixing of African and Arawakan languages.