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tall evergreen cone-bearing trees of South America and Australia with broad leathery leaves

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l), Podocarpaceae, Cheirolepidiaceae y Araucariaceae (Van der Hammen and Van Konijnenburg-Van Cittert, 2003; Du et al.
Desde el punto de vista de plantas lenosas, dentro de las gimnospermas son de interes las familias de la clase Pinopsida y Ginkgopsida del orden Coniferales: Araucariaceae, Cephalotaxaceae, Cupressaceae, Ginkgoaceae, Phyllocladaceae, Pinaceae, Podocarpaceae, Sciadopityaceae, Taxaceae y Taxodiaceae (IAWA Committee, 2004).
The species is so old it has been described as a living fossil, with its family - the Araucariaceae - having been traced to the Mesozoic era, which started 250 million years ago.
The first members of Araucariaceae, the plant group to which the Wollemi pine belongs, evolved about 200 million years ago, says Murch.
Scientists there confirmed it was a new genus of an ancient plant species, called Araucariaceae, which had existed at the time of dinosaurs.
Wood with these features is classified as Araucarioxylon, a very common Triassic-Recent form genus, which bears a close similarity to the woods of the extant conifer family Araucariaceae (Greguss 1972).
Even more remarkable is the fact that it is most closely related to extinct species of Araucariaceae [a gnus of South American and Australian pines] found in the fossil record in southern Australia about 50 to 150 million years ago.
Mechanisms that lack pollination drops are common in only two groups, Araucariaceae and some Pinaceae.
The unique aspect of species belonging to the family araucariaceae is that the orthotropic stems with their bud traces, and the plagiotropic branches with their bud traces, remain permanently orthotropic and plagiotropic, respectively, regardless of any orientation or treatment imposed on them [17].
Con base en criterios morfologicos de los esporangios y las semejanzas entre Cyclusphaera, Balmeiopsis y Araucariacites, los autores sugieren una afinidad con Araucariaceae.
It includes 1 genus, Neophyllaphis Takahashi, 1920, currently formed by 13 species specialized in living on Podocarpaceae or Araucariaceae.
Jones WG, Hill KD, Allen JM (1995) Wollemia nobilis: a new living Australian genus and species in the Araucariaceae.
the only other surviving genera of the Araucariaceae, and restricted to islands in the Pacific Ocean.
Paleontological data indicate that the expansion of Nothofagaceae and bamboo (Chusquea), as well as associated micro- to mesothermal families such as Podocarpaceae and Araucariaceae, in Patagonia date from the Middle Eocene-Early Oligocene (cf.