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an anti-TNF compound (trade name Arava) that is given orally

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ARARE exhibition by pointilliste William Wilkins runs at Martin Tinney Gallery until tomorrow.
However, Alan also has arare 1948 dark blue P3 model, which he has owned for three years ("It feels and looks like a pre-war car but has post-war mechanics," he enthuses.
Stewart troubled Hoult with a shot in the opening moments of the second half, but it proved to be arare threat.
ARARE opportunity has arisen to buy a luxury home near Alnmouth, Northumberland.
ARARE note of cheer emerged from the construction sector yesterday after Morgan Sindall reported record annual profits and said it had a "measure of confidence" about the coming year's performance.
We didn't even put it in the window just in case anyone came in and wanted to buy it When the Reds did lift the cup, as Rafa predicted, he was good to his word and now he's collected the rare Rolex Discreetly, John declined to tell Insider exactly how much it cost, but it did come with a five-figure price tag and is considered to be arare model.
Immersed in the realities of Colombian life that sends young women like Maria to America as drug mules, risking imprisonment and death by carrying pellets of cocaine in their stomachs, it offers arare human and personal story and tells it with striking emotional power.
SOME friends of ours moved to the country, and as a farewell present, work colleagues bought them a rustic garden seat with the inscription: "Ore stabit fortis arare placet ore stat".
ARARE bird has taken up residence at a nature reserve - just in time for its public open day.
In Nam Le, I am confident we have foundawinner worthy of Dylan Thomas, his outstanding work demonstrated arare brilliance that is breathtaking both in the scope of its subject matter and the quality of its writing.
At least the show was fronted by Adrian Chiles - arare TV outing for the presenter of Match of the Day 2, The Apprentice, The One Show and the BBC's coverage of Euro 2008.
Arare pat on the back for FAW over price plans: It is not often that we say this but congratulations must go out to the Football Association of Wales.
Arare table clock, worth a fortune, being sold at auction in London in the next few days, is expected to set a series of record prices in the field of British sales.
RichardWright recovered from a shaky start to repro-duce the form which earned him an Englandcall-up; for pounds 200,000 Li Tie has already proved arare bargain, while the pounds 800,000 clawed off Liv-erpool for Abel Xavier wasn't bad businesseither.
ARARE species of bird has started to produce eggs for the sixth consecutive year at its Northumberland nest.