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a member of a tribe of Plains Indians formerly inhabiting eastern Colorado and Wyoming (now living in Oklahoma and Wyoming)

the Algonquian language spoken by the Arapaho

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A more astonishing event at the ranch is the birth of a rare white buffalo, considered a sacred creature by the Arapaho and other Native Americans as a message from the creator.
The Wind River series is replete with sensitivity toward the Arapaho people and their way of life.
The author was a social worker living with the Arapaho community at Wind River for 4 years beginning in the 1970's.
Subjects range from intensely sensitive portraits of Arapaho elders to gay action shots of youngsters enjoying a river splashing.
Troops were supplied from the Sovereign Nations of Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole, Osage, Caddo, Wichita, Shawnee, Delaware and Arapaho, as well as Comanche, Kiowa, and Cheyenne nations.
In the fall of 1877 a large delegation of Lakota and a few Arapaho headmen visited Washington, D.
This sharing was carried on with the Arapaho men as well, because the pipebag held by Friday in Photo 3 is held by a Lakota man in Photo 4.
He simply assumes that disease and dislocation, radiating out from colonized areas, had left Cheyennes and Arapahos fragmented and alienated.
The team of Arapaho attorney Vickey Holden and Father John O'Malley are confronted with an unlikely bit of history in this latest Wind River mystery: A reenactment of the killing of Col.
Arapahos was already a proven Cup horse, but Rainbow High has his Cup career ahead of him and is on course for Royal Ascot.
Complicating the investigation is a feud between two Arapaho families with lineage back to the principal players way back when.
His grandfather was one of many Arapahos and Shoshones who acted in a silent film on location in the 1920's and then went on to Hollywood to help promote the movie.
Francis mission after a six-month sabbatical in Rome, and Vicki Holden struggling to balance her professional career with her partner, Adam Lone Eagle, with her continued feelings of obligations to protect her Arapaho people.
In a recent book on the Northern Arapaho tribe, Jeffrey Anderson argues that the tribe has been negatively impacted by the adoption and influence of certain Euro-American practices.
The negative impact of literate forms of knowledge and governmental organization contrasts sharply with the neutral or even positive impacts of other Euro-American practices upon the Arapaho.