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a member of a tribe of Plains Indians formerly inhabiting eastern Colorado and Wyoming (now living in Oklahoma and Wyoming)

the Algonquian language spoken by the Arapaho

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Plus art done by Arapaho and Shoshone students at the Wyoming Indian high school in Ethete.
To support this growth, MarkWest will invest additional capital to expand its rich-gas gathering and compression facilities as well as its Arapaho processing complex.
For Arapaho, we're partnering with tech/camera innovators to create a large, spherical, cinema camera rig to be suspended below a helicopter," said the CTO of Cinemersia, Cameron Ayres.
Faculty members had sent a letter to the school's regents asking them to adopt the Arapaho spelling of the chiefs' names, arguing that using the English versions would be the same as spelling Charles de Gaulle's name phonetically and would be "culturally chauvinist and clearly primitivizing in a Native American context.
BLM Wyoming state director Don Simpson said, "We look forward to working collaboratively with the Arapaho and Shoshone tribes, as well as with the BIA, to manage oil and gas activities on the Wind River Indian Reservation.
Anderson (anthropology, Hobart and William Smith Colleges) writes here on Arapaho women's quillwork.
Arapaho Women's Quillwork: Motion, Life, and Creativity
From his controversial relations with American Indians and wars he led against them to his actual peaceful life among many Indian peoples and his happy marriage to an Arapaho woman, this provides a very different view of Kit Carson than most, and is a powerful survey of a complicated man's changing life.
Here outsider Marcy moves to the reservation--and introduces murder when the Arapaho she intends on marrying is shot.
Newly added to expand the series is YUROK (9781591976585), PAIUTE (9781591976578), MODOC (9781591976561), CHOCTAW (9781591976530), KUMEYAAY (9781591976554), KIOWA (9781591976547), CADDO (9781591976509), CHICKASAW (9781591976523), CAHUILLA (9781591976516) and ARAPAHO (9781591976493).
These are huge strides," said Anthony Addison, Northern Arapaho Tribal Business Council chairman.
Next, aboard the Arapaho, a dive team works together during 28-hour dive rotation to keep a diver safe as they burn through the legs of a huge platform.
CasinoTrac Management System the system of Choice for Cheyenne and Arapaho Casino enterprises