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Individuals from the order Araneida (spiders) were often not identified beyond order due to their taxonomic complexity and lack of a local reference collection.
Orthoptera (grasshoppers), Isoptera (termites), and Araneida (spiders) were the only three categories that occurred in sufficient frequency (at least one percent based upon the numbers of individual items) to be considered common.
ORDER FAMILY MORPHOSPECIES Araneida Araneidae Neoscona theisi (Walckenaer) Araneus sp.
pelios Order No of gizzards Type found in which were found Araneida 7 Spiders Coleoptera 10 Beetles Dermaptera 2 Adult earwigs Dictyoptera 6 Cockroaches Dictyoptera 3 Oothecae Diptera 6 Larvae Hymenoptera 14 Formicidae--Ants Hymenoptera 2 Apidae--Honeybees Isoptera 20 Adult Termites Lepidoptera 11 Larvae Neuroptera 3 Adult Lacewings Odonata 1 Adult damsel fly Orthoptera 34 Acrididae--Adults or nymphs Orthoptera 2 Gryllidae--Adults.