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Synonyms for fisherman



Synonyms for fisherman

someone whose occupation is catching fish

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Dr Aran recollects he was kicked five times to his head and face, and one of the other males kicked him as well.
Still another of Aran's caves is in the barrio of Marnay, in Sinait, Ilokos Sur, called Balay ni Aran (House of Aran).
Bin Aran indicated that the traffic entering the emirate from the Etihad Road is running smoothly.
For their part, citizens of Tal Aran and Tal Hasel cities said that the aid has helped provide their needs, particularly after the armed terrorist groups stole their properties.
Aran, who climbed the mountain for the first time, added: "It was tougher than I thought or I thought I was fitter.
A further 13 people were killed in a shelling attack on Tel Aran.
Setting a century of Aran writing within its proper contexts and mining it for new insights seem the ripest kind of fruit.
Nonetheless, when Sangare, a professor in the theater department, connected with Aran Gimeno after seeing Tanztheater Wuppertal, it was this small school that brought the dancer to teach a multi-session workshop in October while the company was in New York for its performances at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
I met Aran and his mother (both were wearing masks) on a bright sunny morning in November 2012 at the Tuberculosis Cluster, Bureau of AIDS - TB - STIs, Bangkok, where he comes daily for his dose of oral medicines for MDR-TB.
What is it about the Aran Islands that makes them so special to visitors from around the world?
By looking at foreign policy analysis in relation to contemporary international relations, Alden (international relations, London School of Economics and Political Science) and Aran (international politics, City U.
Here Aran set up the themes--curiosity, repetition, a kind of obliviousness to usual use--for the rest of the exhibition.
Under the ARAN Agreement, pursuant to a ten-year wet lease, Skywest Airlines will operate up to 18 new aircraft on behalf of Virgin Australia.
The couple's son Aran, now aged six, who survived the collision virtually unscathed, still asks where his mother is every day, former Allied Bakery worker Mr Gill said.
TRAINER Noel Meade yesterday paid tribute to the three-time Grade 1 winner Aran Concerto, (below) who has succumbed to the fragility that plagued his career and has had to be put down.