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a Semitic language originally of the ancient Arameans but still spoken by other people in southwestern Asia

an alphabetical (or perhaps syllabic) script used since the 9th century BC to write the Aramaic language

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The written form of the Aramaic language of the Phoenicians is very similar to that of the ancient Irish language.
For a thousand years leading to the advent of the current era, people from Egypt to Afghanistan shared the Aramaic language.
Yet, the Aramaic language that is still spoken in Saydnaya and neighboring villages in Syria is not endangered.
Contemporary interest in Syriac Christianity derives from the fact that it preserves extensive and sustained evidence of Christianity that expressed itself exclusively in the Aramaic language and that was largely untouched by Hellenism during its formative period.
According to scholar Kathleen McVay, the Aramaic language used a feminine pronoun for the Holy Spirit for the first four centuries of Christianity.
In the publicity, Gibson has made claims for authenticity, and the film does use Latin and the Aramaic language, but the film contradicts those claims with its casting of western film stars.
As the oldest Christian denomination in the Middle East, it still uses a form of Aramaic language which would have been spoken by Jesus himself.
It was shot entirely in the Aramaic language of the time and inc ludes a brutal depiction of the Crucifixion.
He added that the Band members are mixture of the Syrian youth who support peace and stability in the country, pointing out that the name of the band "Syreon" means Syria in the Aramaic language.
Joseph Tarzi, left, teaches the ancient Aramaic language to students at St.
DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The isolated position of Ma'lula in the mountains played a notable role in preserving the Aramaic Language and its Syriac dialect, the language of the Christ.
Its residents still speak the Aramaic language, the language of Jesus Christ.
Homs or 'the fertile land' in the Aramaic language is a center for many industries expanding over an area of 42,000 Square Kilometers.
Its inhabitants still speak Aramaic language besides Arabic.