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1f) and other Araliaceae have septate fibers and are notably drought resistant and fire resistant.
Schefflera vinosa (Araliaceae) may be either a shrub or a tree (Durigan et al., 2004), with thin bark, that reaches a maximum height of 4 m at the study site (Dodonov et al., 2011).
Meliaceae 5 Schefflera morototoni (Aubl.) Maguire Araliaceae 4 Protium heptaphyllum (Aubl.) Marchand Burseraceae 4 Rhamnidium elaeocarpum Reissek Rhamnaceae 5 Bauhinia forficata Link Fabaceae 5 Inga edulis Mart.
The people of the Bayangi tribe (Manyu Division) of Cameroon have used the leaves of Pseudopanax arboreus (Araliaceae) traditionally for decades as an aphrodisiac.
Habitat: An evergreen climbing member of the Araliaceae family reaching lengths of 40m given sufficient support.
lutea Small Grass-tree Apiaceae Centella cordifolia Centella Platysace heterophylla Heathy Platysace Xanthosia dissecta Cut-leaf Xanthosia Xanthosia tridentata Hill Xanthosia Apocynaceae Parsonsia brownii Twining Silkpod Araliaceae * Hedera helix English Ivy Hydrocotyle callicarpa Small Pennywort Hydrocotyle foveolata Yellow Pennywort Hydrocotyle hirta Hairy Pennywort Polyscias sambucifolius subsp.
(Myrtaceae); and understory species of Araliaceae, Fagaceae, Melastomataceae and Piperaceae.
Otherwise, there are a lot of families with only one species in that area as Aquifoliaceae, Araliaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Cupressaceae, Ericaceae, Hypericaceae, Orobanchaceae, Oxalidaceae, Pinaceae, Plantaginaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Polygalaceae, Pyrolaceae, Rhamnaceae, Salicaceae, Saxifragaceae, Taxaceae, Urticaceae and Valerianaceae.
Ginseng, a perennial herb of the Araliaceae family, was thought to excite the central nervous system and reduce fatigue [7].