Aral Sea

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a lake to the east of the Caspian Sea lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan


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We summarize the health, social, and environmental impacts of the disaster and discuss some of the broader scientific and policy issues relevant to taking action to improve health in the Aral Sea area.
These sand dunes used to constitute the seabed of the world's fourth largest lake, but since the water level of the Aral Sea dropped due to environmental degradation, moldering wrecks and salt-encrusted seashells are the only remnants of the area's one-time maritime splendor.
This will improve the situation with the technical safety of such installations, most specifically of the large hydrotechnical constructions of regional importance," said Medet Ospanov, Executive Director for Kazakhstan of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea.
One exploration and two dependent wells will be drilled at this stage of the geological exploration work, scheduled till mid-2016, taking into account the results of the exploratory drilling in the eastern part of the Aral Sea.
In the Soviet Union, the deteriorating state of the Aral Sea was hidden for decades, until 1985, when Mikhail Gorbachev made this ecological disaster public at the end of the 1980s.
This, as well as the Ustyurt plateau and the Aral Sea, has being explored further.
The Aral Sea block contains gas and includes a continuation of the Zaunguz-Murgab Graben, along which East Turkmenistan's super-giant Dauletabad gas field is located (see Dauletabad in gmt13TurkmProdSep29-14 and gmt14TurkmGasExptsOct6-14).
When Terra satellite began its mission, the Aral Sea was already a fraction of what it was in 1960.
Disaster by design; the Aral sea and its lessons for sustainability.
Our pavilion demonstrates the efforts undertaken by the Government of Kazakhstan for saving the Aral Sea and environmentally regenerating the Sub-Aral region.
Cartographers have also charted how much the Aral Sea and Lake Chad have shrunk, along with a number of rivers including the Colorado in the US, now shown as "intermittent.
Ryan pointed out that after the last Ice Age, the water from glaciers flew into the Black Sea, the Caspian and the Aral Sea.
MOYNAK/TASHKENT, Feb 19, 2011 (TUR) -- The fourth biggest lake in the world, Aral Sea has dried up by 90 percent in the last 50 years and left behind a desert.
ISLAMABAD, January 21, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Working Group on Saving Aral Sea for Sustainable Development met at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) adopted a resolution on environmental crisis in the Aral Sea region and measures to rehabilitate, refill and mitigate its negative impacts.
During the event, there was a premiere of 'Aral, the lost sea', a documentary by international filmmaker Isabel Coixet involving Sir Ben Kingsley and Tim Robbins, which was presented at San Sebastian International Film Festival on September 21, telling the dramatic shrinkage of the Aral Sea, an inland sea in the heart of Central Asia, considered as one of the world's greatest environmental catastrophes.