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a Buddhist who has attained nirvana


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But in terms of being free the arahat can be said to be perfectly so, whereas the ordinary person is anything but (see Adam, "No self").
Dhammakaya Arahat is a genderless body which transcends all impure existences and is the True Self of individuals.
97-105) when he is confronted by the Buddha and goes on to become an Arahat.
An Arahat is one who operates only with a wholesome spectrum,11 and has destroyed the roots which would have made a return to unwholesome actions possible.
400-447 gives an account of a woman who had previously had a string of bad rebirths in hell or as an animal, but who becomes a Buddhist nun and then an Arahat, a liberated person.
A question that some might ask, though, is: if the Arahat is no longer capable of acting in a greedy, selfish way, cannot hate, etc.
Just as a skilled craftsman becomes increasingly free to create beautiful objects, and is not unfree in no longer being able to create shoddy, ugly work, so the Arahat is not unfree in not being able to act in morally unwholesome ways, which can only arise from a limited, ignorant worldview.
A seeming case of an unbroken negative pattern in an Arahat is, though, found at Ud.
Of course, only the Arahat is wholly free of the deep-seated asavas (taints or cankers): attachment to sense-pleasures, attachment to existence, fixed views, and spiritual ignorance.
stone inscription found in Bodh Gaya mentioned Kuranci bhikkhuni, former queen of King Indramitra who became an arahat.
In the morning we devote a chanting to eight male Arahat theras, in the evening to thirteen female theris, liberated men and women.