Araguaia River

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a river in central Brazil that flows generally northward (with many falls) to join the Tocantins River

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Hrbek said scientists concluded the large dolphin was a new species by analyzing and comparing DNA samples of several types of dolphins from the Amazon and Araguaia river basins.
We hypothesized that exposure to the Araguaia River played a role in the chain of events resulting in ocular disease.
Seven new species of the killifish genus Rivulus (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from the Parana, Paraguay and upper Araguaia river basins, central Brazil.
The Santa Isabel dam, planned for the Araguaia River, would flood an ecological reserve, displace 7,000 people and destroy the culture of the indigenous Surui-Aiwekar tribe.
There, he was to meet with Karaja Indians, visit an environmental research station backed by power stations in England and Wales and tour a turtle conservation project on the Araguaia River.
Throughout the 1960s, settlements were established on both sides of the Belem-Brasilia motorway and alongside the Araguaia river, concentrating in the county of Conceicao do Araguaia.
A native of Mato Grosso, Rondon was soon directing the work, setting up posts and stringing cable after clearing a path thirty meters wide across a 550-kilometer path east from Cuiaba to the Araguaia River, the border between Mato Grosso and the state of Goias.