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French writer who generalized surrealism to literature (1897-1982)


a region of northeastern Spain

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Aragones was jointly briefed by officials of the Cabinet Office of Japan (CAO) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIAC) at the latters headquarters within Tokyos Kasumigaseki government district.
Naia police department chief Neri Ilagan said Aragones was placed under surveillance last week by his men and a team from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) for his unauthorized operations at the airport.
Las obras del arquitecto Miguel Angel Aragones se distinguen por sus trazos rotundos y ambientes minimalistas.
Seneres and Aragones, both members of the health committee, said at least four bills seeking to regulate stem cell medicine practice in the country are still pending before the health panel.
Known as a battling and talented midfielder, Aragones made his name at Atletico Madrid who he joined in 1964, although he also played for Oviedo and Betis.
I have kids come to me at conventions saying, 'My grandfather grew up with your work,'" said Aragones, 74, whose recent features include "A MAD Look at Lady Gaga.
Davis recalled being cajoled by Aragones into fighting a bull -- a very young one without horns, he admits -- in Spain.
Spaniard Aragones, who resigned after his Euro achievement, is today an Al Jazeera Sports TV Channel football commentator in the World Cup studio.
Luis Aragones is chewing over a return to Sevilla following the sacking of coach Manolo Jimenez.
But Gunners boss Wenger is in the mood to forgive and forget - and praised Aragones for guiding Spain to Euro 2008 glory.
ARSENAL manager Arsene Wenger insists he will shake the hand of Luis Aragones tonight despite the bitter race row once sparked by the Fenerbahce boss.
The notion that tournaments are won by young, computer-literate coaches who have been illustrious players was blown out of the water by the success of Spain's old grump, Luis Aragones, who's 70 next month.
SPAIN can be happy that Luis Aragones was not a man of his word.
Isn't it ironic that if Aragones had been in charge of England, he wouldn't even be in a job?