Arafura Sea

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a part of the western Pacific Ocean to the north of Australia and to the south of New Guinea and the eastern islands of Indonesia

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Masela, located in the Arafura Sea (Moluccas), is IndonesiaC[bar]s largest deep-water gas project.
Renzi Wada and Seizl Wada from the pearl-oyster bed in the Arafura Sea in 1940.
Data from the Arafura Sea were too few for use in these tests and were compared visually with the other regions.
According to this account, an American captain Williamson had claimed to have sailed from the Southern Ocean to the Arafura Sea through the middle of Australia.
In the 1860s, the colony of South Australia determined to settle the land all the way to the Arafura Sea along these same principles.
The ones to be offered under direct offer are North Sokang, NW Natuna, Gurita, Sumbagsel, Titan, Kuala Pembuang Sampit, Damar, Belayan, Bone Bay, Babar, Selaru, Yamdena, Arafura Sea II, North Arafura, Onin and Semai.
5 percent share in ConocoPhillips' Arafura Sea Block.
To see another, you have to head north, right up to the Tiwi Islands, where, 90 kilometres across the Arafura Sea, the revolution has arrived.
The Tiwi Islands are located off the northern coast of Australia in the Arafura Sea.
First the pair drag steel rollers between them to break up the coral and then come back over the same area to trawl the fish", so that the Thais "have built highways under the Arafura Sea (Fegan 2003).
This is confirmed by Wada (1953), who reports that a 300 mm specimen was not uncommon in some fishing areas along the north of Australia and Arafura Sea.
in the Arafura Sea between the island of Borneo and the northern coast of Australia, the Beijing News said.
Not since British surveyors and naturalists ploughed the waters of the Arafura Sea in the early 1800s, in ships such as the Mermaid and the Beagle, has Australia's northern coastline been under such scientific scrutiny.
The cover photograph (by Penny Tweedie) of an Aboriginal youth, playing in the Arafura Sea and smearing himself with mud, is striking.
a firm whose trading interests by the 1930s stretched from the Coral to the Arafura Sea, and which for a time rivalled Burns Philp & Co.