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a minute hairlike projection on mucous membrane

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Dural lymphatics, sagittal sinus, base of skull(1,14,15), ventricular system, arachnoid space, arachnoid villi, and Virchow-Robin spaces (extensions of the subarachnoid space that penetrate with blood vessels into the brain) are other areas involved(1).
CSF is reabsorbed by the arachnoid villi in the subarachnoid space into the cerebral venous system to maintain a constant volume and intracranial pressure within the brain.
The relationship of epidural anesthesia to neural membranes and arachnoid villi.
Here, CSF enters projections of the arachnoid membrane, the arachnoid villi.
The arachnoid villi are small finger-like projections that consist of the same cellular and septal mesh that forms the structure of the arachnoid, but with less septation and larger spaces.
4) On radiologic examination, there was communicating hydrocephalus, which was due to the infiltration of the arachnoid villi.