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the middle of the 3 meninges

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Image 2 shows a stepped dissection of the cranial fascial layers, including the visible layers of the arachnoid mater just superficial to the brain; the dura mater; the bony cranium; pericranium; galea aponeurotica (with the muscle fibers of frontalis and occipitalis visible anteriorly and posteriorly); and the superficial fascia of the scalp presented continuous with the skin.
It has been postulated that following subdural catheter placement, subsequent entry of the catheter into the subarachnoid space occurs due to tearing of the arachnoid mater on administration of local anaesthetic (10).
The pattern of block progression may have represented an initial subdural block followed by penetration of the arachnoid mater by the epidural catheter.
One such plane is the subdural space, which lies between the dura and arachnoid mater.
The subdural space is a narrow potential space between the arachnoid mater and the dura mater containing a minute quantity of serous fluid (10).