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Synonyms for arachnoid

the middle of the 3 meninges

relating to or resembling a member of the class Arachnida

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Arachnoid granulations, especially large ones within the transverse and sigmoid sinuses, are also calcified in middle-aged and older people with characteristic appearances.
Evaluation and management of temporal bone arachnoid granulations.
Communicating hydrocephalus is caused by diminished resorption of CSF at the arachnoid granulations, leading to an expansion of both the ventricular system and the subarachnoid space.
The differential diagnosis includes giant arachnoid granulations (mimicking a filling defect in the sinus) and a congenitally hypoplastic transverse sinus.
Transependymal drainage of CSF, followed by medullary venous drainage, supervenes as arachnoid granulations are not fully matured in the neonate.