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The Brazilian Amazon is a priority area for research on the effects of land-use change on arachnids because the absolute rate of deforestation is among the highest recorded anywhere in the world (Fearnside 2005).
Although the presence of terrestrial flora suggests a whip scorpion could potentially be fossilized in the Monterey shale, this locality has not yielded, for example, a rich insect fauna which would normally be much more common than arachnids.
Plus you've got a young boy who just happens to be an arachnid expert, a returning town "bad boy" and the townsfolk rallying around armed with shotguns, pitch forks, chainsaws and, erm, perfume.
As every fan of classic thrillers knows, given the opportunity and the right chemical enhancement, arachnids will grow to humongous size and wreak havoc upon humanity.
He has written other popular science books about insects and arachnids, and his friendly, personal style invites appreciation and delight.
Aggregation, extended mother-offspring-sibling interactions, and complex social behaviors are extremely rare among arachnids.
Sure enough, giant arachnids soon begin to terrorize and gobble up the inhabitants of the small desert town of Prosperity, Ariz.
According to the report, more than 6,500 interlopers have established themselves in the United States, including 91 mollusks, more than 2,000 insects and arachnids, and 239 plant pathogens.
The Southern California Spider Survey met its goal of netting 1,000 arachnids brought to the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History by the public, officials said.
For cassava, however, the tiny arachnids are both a problem and, now, a solution.
The teen has two arachnids, a scorpion, snake and hedgehog.
Dobson's team also mapped the hot spots of specific endangered groups: mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, fish, crustaceans, clams, snails, insects, arachnids, and plants.
Since mites are arachnids, not insects, many insecticides are not effective.
Paleontologists have discovered fossilized fragments of the oldest known land-adapted creatures: centipedes and tiny, spider-like arachnids dating back about 414 million years.