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a morbid fear of spiders

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His big break was in the 1983 weepy Terms Of Endearment, followed by hits with Arachnaphobia (1990), Dumb And Dumber (1994), 101 Dalmatians (1996) and Pleasantville (1998).
``I have arachnaphobia so Nick (Hamm director of The Hole) insisted it was essential to the plot that we have massive tarantulas crawling around.''
Despite films such as The Big Lebowski, The Flintstones, Arachnaphobia and The Borrowers, John is still perhaps most famous as Dan Conner in Roseanne.
But what Hilton hadn't realised is that arachnaphobia - fear of spiders - is the nation's No 1 frightener.
Handelsman says similarities "happen quite frequently." He cites a wave of "Iraqnaphobia" images that appeared after the movie "Arachnaphobia" hit the theaters during a time of crisis with Iraq.