peanut oil

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an oil from peanuts

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3mg/kg daily for 5 months), the formulation of which does not include arachis oil.
Five commercial samples of standardized soy dry extract, homogeneously suspended in arachis oil, were administered per os in serial doses (125-4150 mg/kg bw/day) to immature female rats for 3 days.
Arachis oil, often labelled in cosmetics, is peanut oil.
Look for the ingredient arachis oil on the pack if you think you may be vulnerable.
The 109 eligible patients were randomized in a double-masked fashion, in blocks of 10, to receive either a single 60 000 [micro]g retinol equivalent (200 000 IU) dose of vitamin A (n = 53) or an identical placebo capsule (n = 56) containing 300 retinol equivalents (1000 IU) as retinyl palmitate in arachis oil (Roche, Basel, Switzerland).