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a scholar who specializes in Arab languages and culture

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The Arabists were reportedly trying to kidnap the two youngster for unknown reasons.
But the CIA Arabists thought this was a bad mistake when the Eisenhower administration decided to shift gears, and to try to undermine Nasser and cultivate other Arab leaders against him.
With British and French colonial power in the Middle East waning after World War II, American Arabists set about trying to create a policy toward the region that reflected the missionary tradition of "disinterested benevolence.
The CIA's Arabists should have realized that the mood in Egypt was incompatible with the one in the United States.
Of particular interest to Milford are the ways in which the Arabist sympathies of such early figures as Kermit Roosevelt and Miles Copeland were often contradicted by their actions and how the CIA's early Arabist inclinations, rooted in the intelligence experiences of World War II and, he argues, the American missionary tradition, came to be superseded by a more imperialist mindset inherited from Britain and attitudes inherited from the 19th century "Great Game" between Britain and Russia over control of Central Asia.
PIMIC is a cooperative effort by a team of western medievalists, Arabists and Byzantinists -eight partners from prestigious academic institutions and two private sector companies- in order to propose a four years ITN program.
I have been looking at the photos and the brief video of Ambassador Stevens and I have spoken to two different Arabists, who assure me that the mob dragging Stevenas body are chanting a song of victory over oneas enemies and are praising God for it.
The de cline of Britain's anti-imperialist "Little Englanders" in the Liberal Party and the failure to achieve separate peace agreements between the British and the Ottomans fit very much with the interests of both the Zionists and the Arabists.
In a new effort to loosen the gridlock that is blocking progress towards peace in the Middle East, the US State Department has appointed one of its foremost Arabists as its new Ambassador to Syria.
I consulted several native Arabic speakers and Arabists, none of whom had heard that meaning or could find any reference to it in any of their respective dictionaries or reference books.
Why blame the Southern political parties who walked out of the Juba Conference to be collaborators with the so-called Sudanese Arab Islamists in Khartoum while at the same time you are drinking, dinning and collaborating with the same so-called Islamic Arabists in the form of Dr.
This meeting does not allay my concerns because it confirms that this isn't just a willy-nilly decision by some Arabists in the State Department but part of a framework Obama thinks will solve all the problems in the region," The Jerusalem Post quoted a representative of a Jewish group, as saying.
For Oren, Arabists are people who continually questioned Israel's role as a stabilizing force in the Middle East; he fails to note that they critically analyzed Arab policies as well.
Although Burton's fame rests mostly on his contribution to the history and culture of Arabia and Persia, and his adventures in those lands, in this book Digby has concentrated on the early training of the scholar/adventurer in his few years (1842-49) in India, which in fact was the crucible for the making of many British Arabists in the 19th century.
Don't confuse the solid support of the American people with the pockets of Arabists in the White House, State Department and certain Intel Agencies who have sacrificed friendly nations in a heart beat.