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Buna ek olarak, Suudi Arabistan destekli oldugu savunulan Selefi hareketler de bolge dinamikleri acisindan incelenmistir.
The formal name of Arabistan to local Arab militants is Ahwaz.
Forced to choose between Arabistan and Tehran, Britain reneged on its treaty with Khaz'al and supported the Shah, mainly because London wanted Iran on-side as a pro-Western bulwark against the spread of Soviet communism.
The gunmen, who called themselves the Democratic Revolutionary Front for Arabistan, were demanding the release of prisoners jailed in their own country and a plane to fly themselves and the hostages out of the UK.
The building had been seized on April 30 by a six-man Iraqi-trained terror team from the Democratic Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of Arabistan.
The terrorists, calling themselves the Democratic Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of Arabistan, demanded autonomy for an oil-rich region of Iran and the release of 91 of their comrades imprisoned in the country.
Complicating Shiite rights in Sunni Ottoman dominions were the Kaab tribe who left the central Arabian region of the Najd and settled in what would be eventually named Arabistan (land of the Arabs).
Petitioners Yar Mohammad, Arabistan, Mohammad Faqir and Salahuddin had filed petitions in the High Court seeking bail.
Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz Al-Assaf and Saudi Arabistan Culture and Information Minister Dr.
Enurezis sikligi cinsiyet acisindan incelendiginde dunya genelinde (Iran, Hindistan, Suudi Arabistan, Nijerya, Cin, Misir) erkeklerde enurezis sikligi, kizlara oranla anlamli derecede daha yuksek bulunmustur (713).
Frequent bursts of clashes in the Ahwaz region, or Arabistan, where the Arab minority calls for equal rights, have brought the issue to light and highlighted the need to address the country's unheard voices.
The hostage-takers called for the independence of an obscure province in Iran, Arabistan.
became Hindustan, Afghanistan, Arabistan, Kurdistanaetc.