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Forced to choose between Arabistan and Tehran, Britain reneged on its treaty with Khaz'al and supported the Shah, mainly because London wanted Iran on-side as a pro-Western bulwark against the spread of Soviet communism.
The Port of Muhammara (now Khorramshahr) located on the lip of the Shaft al-Arab waterway fell in the region of Arabistan.
The hostage-takers called for the independence of an obscure province in Iran, Arabistan.
became Hindustan, Afghanistan, Arabistan, Kurdistanaetc.
Evliya Celebi'nin anlattigina goregerci bircok tarihci Evliya Celebinin yazdiklarini mubalagali bulmustur- Cerkezler, Arabistan dan kacarak adun'e gelen, oradan da Rumlara sigimp oradaki halk ile kaynasarak Hiristiyanlasmis Arap asilli bir kavimdir.
FREEMAN: One might also speculate that the south would risk either becoming a satellite of Iran or a source of instability for Iran, given the population in Arabistan in Iran that is Arab and the strong pull of Najaf and Karbala for Iranian Shiites.
There he joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Arabistan, living at its base in Hur al-Azim until he was asked by the front's leadership to move to Baghdad's al-Taji army camp and receive training.
They warn his fall would be worse than Iran's loss of the oil-rich and originally Arab area of Khuzistan - whose Arab activists call Arabistan or Ahwaz (see below).
The area is also known as Arabistan, with Ahwaz being the name of its capital as well.
The Arabs of Iran's petroleum- and water-rich Arabistan (Khuzestan) accuse the theocracy of racial discrimination and of diverting their Karun River - which they call the source of great civilisations - to Isfahan.
Arab militants from Iran's province of Khuzistan, who call this region Ahwaz (after the name of the area's capital) or Arabistan, on March 8 began an annual campaign against the theocracy with a London rally.
These declarations show that there are double standards in dealing with the ongoing movements, in a way that what is acceptable in Tehran, Arabistan, Qom and Mashhad is unacceptable in Manama and other capitals, and what is rejected in Tehran is acceptable in other places.
1970'li yillar oncesi daha cok eski Sovyetler Birligi ulkelerinde (Kirim, Tacikistan, Ozbekistan, Kazakistan, Bulgaristan) gorulurken, daha sonralari Dogu Avrupa, Orta Asya, Afrika, Arabistan, Uzakdogu'dan vakalar bildirilmeye baslamistir.
Summary: MECCA (Cihan) -- Saudi Arabistan builds a new Railway system in the holy sites of Islam.