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a scholar who specializes in Arab languages and culture

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For a long time, this sense of shared Arabism also served as a concrete defense against the ethnic and religious fragmentation that occurs today.
Head of Arab Writers Union branch in Syria, Nidal al-Saleh, said that Damascus is the beating heart of Arabism, adding that Damascus is defending all Arab causes.
In accordance with the aforementioned theoretical framework, Dawisha takes the reader in the second chapter to the pre-WWI world, tracing the sense of Arabism in the nineteenth century up until WWI.
Thus, as Youssef Mohamed Sawani points out, whilst Arabism and Islamism may be treated as the dichotomous duo, they still have an inseparable link.
The Lebanese rejected the hegemony of the Syrian regime on Lebanon in the name of Arabism.
We hadn't interfered in the affairs of anyone, and won't accept disturbance to our security - to take away our Arabism.
Raed Hamada, President of Jaffa association, said that the catastrophe, or Nakbah, which drove the Palestinians from their land 67 years ago, is a plight endured by the Arab and Islamic nations, noting that Palestine is one of the main landmarks of Islam and Arabism.
Summary: The desire by most actors to extend a temporary ceasefire into a permanent one would be a constructive endeavor if it forces all concerned to genuinely grapple with the tough underlying causes of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, mainly the wider, older conflict between Zionism and Arabism.
Construction of Intersection with the road Arabism until its intersection with the road Mecca.
I was never a fan of those who exploited Arabism and climbed to power riding on its coattails, or those who exploited it to deny people's their freedoms and their dignity.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Free Iraqiya MP Alia Nsaif expressed astonishment the statements of Kurdish region president Masoud Barzani of the presence of "a nationalist problem" with Baghdad, calling Iraqi politicians to prevail Arabism against denominationalist trends.
Noureddin said that Bashir did not belong to Arabism, nor did he represent it.
In his treatment on nation building, Mamdani made a distinction between Arabism and Islamism.
Arabism is aimed to counter Hizbullah channel al-Manar.
Arabism as an idea drew upon foreign sources and resources.