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a scholar who specializes in Arab languages and culture

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Thus, Arabism must be seen as a reaction to this deep process of change within the Ottoman empire.
We, from this very place, say to all brothers and friends in this world, that Egypt, a country of true Arabism and Islam, is in dire need to us, today rather than yesterday to get out of the unknown tunnel to a reality that gives it support and strength in all fields.
The conference was held under the auspices of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and attended by intellectuals from across the Arab world who tackled issues related to Arabism and its future.
It needs intellectual and political parties that can correct the bad and distorted image of Arabism and Islam because religious extremism is not Islam, and dictatorship under the pretext of nationalism is not Arabism.
It analyses the circumstances that prompted the Arab reformists to take up an Arabist political view at the turn of the century and examines the convergence of Arabism with the struggle for Palestine in the aftermath of World War I.
Arab unification, and the derivatives of the Arab-Israeli conflict--all of which being attempts at the realization of a certain consensus about Arabism and supplanting particular Arab governments' interests--, that Professor Barnett uses the progression of his book to point to the gradual reduction of Arab politics into the emergence or promotion of "statist identities, a centrist definition of Arab nationalism [ldots] acceptance of sovereignty as the basis for regional order"(p.
Bratislava, SANA -- The Syrian community in Slovakia stressed Sunday that Syria is the cradle of culture and pillar of Arabism and resistance, hailing the unity between its people and army.
The desire by most actors to extend a temporary cease-fire into a permanent one would be a constructive endeavor if it forced all concerned parties to genuinely grapple with the tough underlying causes of the conflict between Palestine and Israel, mainly the wider, older conflict between Zionism and Arabism.
Further, Sheikha Rasha also noted the good and solid relations binding the two sisterly countries, noting the converging political views that emanate from constants and truisms deeply embedded in the rationale of Arabism, Islam, along with the coherence of ranks and shared future.
It appears that for Iraqis Arabism has become an accusation that they should be ashamed of now, commented Daoud al-Shiryan in the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT Monday.
Metamorphosis of the Nation (al-Umma); the rise of Arabism and minorities in Syria and Lebanon, 1850-1940.
The notion of Arabism -- the religion and language which is so closely associated with the pan-Arabist ideals -- is examined within the context of Iraqi foreign policy and as a motivating factor in the decision to invade Kuwait.
The work helps us understand this critical era in the transition from Ottomanism to Arabism and Islamism.
Al-Mustaqbal: Hariri: enemies of religion, Arabism target Kingdom for facing expansion ambitions 15 martyrs in terrorist bombing inside mosque in Abha Al-Joumhouriya: Extending Qahwaji's term opens new stageA' Controversial issues on the table Al-Akhbar: Aoun to the street next week The Daily Star: Extensions yet another major blow for Aoun D.
Minister of Culture Issam Khalil said during a speech at the opening of the seminar that political experience in Syria has proved that Arabism is not a point of view but a deep belonging and identity based on mature awareness of the human, historical cultural and role of the Arab nation.